About Us

Planet Hope began its journey in 2004 on the outskirts of Bangalore City and provides a Residential Home and desperately need schooling children from the nearby stone quarry communities, where poverty, ill health, accidents at work place, alcoholism and death are very common. Planet Hope is providing a place and creating a world of difference for children from the stone quarries around the city where they used to live in extreme poverty and very unhealthy living conditions.

Planet Hope works to ensure that children in need have a better future by promoting child rights. It believes in the values of compassion, love, peace and social justice.

Our Core Objectives

  • To promote integrated development of “children in need and distress” by increasing their opportunities for quality education.
  • To offer residential care to most needy children and supportive services at community level to ensure over-all growth of target children.
  • To collaborate and network with like-minded organizations, nongovernmental and non- Governmental in order to address broader issues that affect children in distress.

Our Key stake Holders

The activities and benefits of Planet Hope will be made available to all children, irrespective of race, religion, cast or community. However, to remain focused and reach out to the most deserving, the primary children of our concern are as follows:

  • Working children from the stone quarries
  • Orphans, Semi-orphans and Destitute children
  • Children of bonded laborers, particularly from the socio-economically backward communities.


Towards a society where children enjoy their right and grow with equal opportunities


Planet Hope strives to expand the growth opportunities and capabilities of children in the stone quarries surrounding northern part of Bangalore to ensure the scope of development and just society as an imperative and per-requisite for the nations sustained economic and social progress