Ashrayadeep Pre-primary

There are so many school drop outs who are not able to attend the school because of the migration of the parents for the work. It is a dream land for such children equipped with international standard study and play materials and well qualified and trained teachers to take care of emotional, social and physical care.

  • Nurture the children with nutritious meal,
  • Motivation to Education
  • Hygiene and Health care
  • Avoid child abuse and exploitation when parents are at work,
  • Delink children from the cycle of child labour
  • Create a medium for children of the quarries to enter main stream education

Motivation towards education

Motivate the children towards primary education first and slowly build attitude in them to go for higher education by good performance. The method of education is a vital part in motivating the children to continue the education as well as go for higher education. In the Ashrayadeep day care center, the method used is ideal for this since it is child friendly and learning by game activities that create interest and curiosity in the children.


Education is the main pillar of the program, to give formative effect on the mind, character, or physical ability of an individual also to provide a better future. The children are going to various Kannada, Tamil and English medium schools like Jyothy School, Alphonsa School and St. Mary’s School respectively so that they will also get opportunity to grow and develop into the mainstream of the society. Cost of education is fully financed. Timely follow-up of the performance is done in consultation with the respective school teachers.