Stone Quarry Children

Planet Hope Home (For Children from L.K.G to 10th standard)

A boarding and schooling facility for children from marginalized community. We offer residential care for the children which is “A Home away from home”. It is situated on a spacious land, has a central garden and common hall. The internal portal connects the four Living rooms, two are for the older boys and girls and two for younger boys and girls. Every group has its own “house Parent” social workers who educate the children, help them with problems and support them in their homework. The children’s home thus provides a safe environment, including formation with regular schedule. Children of the age 6- 18 resides in the home with the care takers and the girls of the age 13 and above will be taken to Carmel Ghar, a home for the adolescent girls run by the sisters.


Education is the main pillar of the program, to give formative effect on the mind, character, or physical ability of an individual also to provide a better future. The children are going to various Kannada, Tamil and English medium schools like Jyothy School, Alphonsa School and St. Mary’s School respectively so that they will also get opportunity to grow and develop into the mainstream of the society. Cost of education is fully financed. Timely follow-up of the performance is done in consultation with the respective school teachers.

Supplementary Coaching Programs

In addition to formal schooling, children are given supplementary coaching to cope up with the mainstream curriculum standards. Learning of life skills, computer class and spoken English classes are also provided for the children along with study facilities like books stationary etc.

Life skill education and personality development

In order to promote over-all growth of children, special activities in the form of co-curricular and extra- curricular activities are conducted in the campus. They are like sports, music, dance debates, Magazine and cultural activities in encouraging the children to bring out their hidden talents.

Academic and Career Support

Lots of supportive programs like home work guidance, computer classes and special coaching classes for academically weak children, exam preparations etc are conducted to find the talents in the children to build their carrier towards their areas of interests. Workshops to give exposure towards various job opportunities available in various fields, job orientation interviews with professionals and role models working in different fields etc are given to enrich the children with various opportunities available.

Extracurricular activities

The children of Planet Hope are exposed to various extracurricular activities to refresh them and to find the hidden talents of the children other than studies. Though are weak in their performance in the school they are very good in extracurricular activities like sports and games, arts, yoga etc.

Attitude building for better academic performance

Attitude is the major element in the performance of a person in any area they are put into. If the children are not guided with the right attitude, they cannot make success whatever environment and inputs are made for them. The children from the stone quarry background are coming with different kinds of psychological and emotional problems since they are born and brought up in a tough situation. They will be having issues with the parental care, child abuses, de motivations, lack of role models, aptitude problems, learning disorders and other growth related problems. Thus, the attitude building plays an important role in building the carrier of a child.

Job orientation programs

Every job has got its own dignity and value. There are lots of job opportunities available in our society. One has to choose their job according to their taste and aptitude. Keeping this philosophy in mind our children are given exposure to different job fields like bakery, flower shops, hospitals, colleges and other working areas. The children will be guided to make interviews with the people working in different fields so that they will have an opportunity to interact with them and understand the hard core realities in it.


Small picnics are outing programs are arranged for the planet hope children for a relaxed and refreshed feeling from the pressure of schooling and other academic activities. It is an opportunity for them to enjoy and forget all their nightmares about the hardships the life that they had faced in their childhood. The coordinators, care takers or sisters will be joining the children for the picnics to ensure their safety and care.